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What is Carbon Mirror™? 


Carbon Mirror is a technology platform that is capable of reflecting a wide range of complex real-world processes in-silico. 

Once the process is established and a novel Carbon Mirror is built, we are able to run thousands of different experiments or scenarios in seconds to find the fastest path to success, saving real-world time and cost. 

The dynamic nature of the Carbon Mirror platform ensures that these virtual scenarios are reflective of the most up-to-date and relevant biomedical, physical, chemical and environmental knowledge at any given point in time. Utilising the highest standards of technology development, the Carbon Mirror platform is an incredibly flexible digital capability.  It can be used across a wide range of industries to solve extremely complex business challenges.

At BioCorteX we have applied our Carbon Mirror platform technology to simulate how the colossal number of microbiota interact with drugs at numerous levels. We can use this to de-risk preclinical studies and clinical trials, replacing uncertainty with confidence for the patient.

We also work with multinational companies and international government agencies on a wider range of different challenges. We help them build Carbon Mirror platform technology of their own, accelerating their advanced technology adoption strategies, and ensuring that they can more effectively address their mission-critical challenges.


These include optimising and de-risking high-value complex manufacturing, multi-level vertically integrated supply chain management, and next-generation product design and development. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the Carbon Mirror™ platform.

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